2022 Chevy Suburban Towing Capacity

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2021 Chevrolet Suburban front seats

Gastonia drivers love to play hard on the weekend after working hard all week. That can mean towing a boat out to the lake or a couple of ATVs out to the trail. Can the new Suburban handle that? The 2022Chevy Suburban towing capacity is a massive 8,300 pounds when properly equipped. What does “properly equipped” mean? What can you tow with that kind of Chevy towing capacity? Let’s take a closer look.

2022 Chevy Suburban Towing Capacity by Engine

You have a choice of three powerful engines for the Suburban, and each engine can be paired with either a 4-wheel drive or 2-wheel drive drivetrain. You can add the Max Trailering Package to any of those combinations to increase your Chevy towing capacity. To get the maximum Chevy Suburban towing capacity, opt for the 5.3L V8 Engine with the 2-wheel drive drivetrain and add the Max Trailering Package.

2022 Chevy Suburban Towing Capacity by Engine and Drivetrain

5.3L V8 Engine – Chevy Towing Capacity

  • 2WD: 7,800 pounds
  • 4WD: 7,600 pounds
  • 2WD w/ Max Trailering Package: 8,300 pounds
  • 4WD w/ Max Trailering Package: 8,100 pounds

6.2L V8 Engine – Chevy Towing Capacity

  • 2WD: 7,800 pounds
  • 4WD: 7,600 pounds

3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel Engine – Chevy Towing Capacity

  • 2WD: 8,100 pounds
  • 4WD: 7,800 pounds

2022 Chevy Suburban Towing Capacity – What Can You Tow?

There’s not much you can’t tow out to the lake or campground with the 8,300-pound Chevy towing capacity on the Suburban. Here’s a partial list:

What You Can Tow with the 2022 Chevy Suburban Towing Capacity:

  • Ski boat
  • Fishing boat
  • Fully equipped camper
  • A couple of jet skis
  • ATVs
  • Small horse trailer

These are only a few examples of how you can utilize the Chevy Suburban towing capacity — remember, you should always consult your owner’s manual before towing. 

2022 Chevy Suburban Max Trailering Package

If you’re going to do a lot of serious towing on our Concord roads, you’ll want to opt for the Max Trailering Package. Here’s what the available trailering package includes:

Max Trailering Package

  • Integrated brake controller
  • Enhanced cooling radiator
  • Hitch Guidance with Hitch View
  • Smart Trailer Integration Indicator
  • Advanced Trailering System (in-vehicle)
  • Enhanced cooling radiator

Come See the New Chevy Suburban at Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet of Charlotte

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