What is Tire Rotation?

If you’re new to car ownership, you may be wondering, what is tire rotation? Why is it so important to vehicle maintenance? Tire rotation is a simple but essential service task that helps prevent your tires from wearing out too fast or wearing at different rates. Additionally, tire rotation helps keep you safe when you’re traveling from Gastonia to Concord by helping to maintain traction and prevent blowouts. Get all the facts on tire rotation in the guide from Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions along the way!

What Does Rotating Tires Mean?

Many drivers find that tire rotation is easier to understand in practice than on paper, but we’ll do our best to explain what happens during tire rotation in the simplest terms: Your car’s tires are moved from their current position to a new position on the vehicle, usually with two of the tires switching sides in the process. Most often, the front tires move to the rear staying on the same side, and the rear tires move to the front but they switch sides. This is called a tire rotation pattern, and the one we just described adheres to front-wheel-drive cars.

Here are some additional tire rotation tips to know:

  • The majority of vehicles carry more weight in the front, causing the front tires to wear out faster. But, the type of drivetrain your vehicle employs will also affect the rate of wear.
  • In the case of a front-wheel-drive vehicle, for instance, the majority of power is sent to the front axle and wheels to propel the vehicle forward. As such, the front tires are going to wear out faster than they would if your car used rear-wheel, all-wheel, or four-wheel drive.
  • The tire rotation pattern for your vehicle is dependent on the drivetrain type. Each rotation pattern is designed to prevent any one tire from wearing out faster than the others.

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

  • Maintains Optimal Traction: As your tires wear down, they experience a loss of tread depth. This causes reduced traction on the road, potentially impacting your ability to safely drive in certain conditions. When you schedule regular tire rotations, you can help prevent uneven tread wear and better maintain traction on Rock Hill, SC roads.
  • Keep Tire Blowouts at Bay: As tires wear out, they’re more susceptible to failing completely and blowing out while you’re driving. Regular tire rotation helps prevent this frightening and often dangerous occurrence.
  • Improves Ride Quality: Uneven tires can produce uncomfortable vibrations as you drive, which you may feel through the steering wheel.
  • Maximized Fuel Efficiency: Tires with extreme wear create drag and put unnecessary stress on the engine, which will eventually impact your fuel efficiency. Keep up with regular rotations to keep your gas mileage specs intact.

Schedule Tire Rotation at Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet!

Most vehicles can have a tire rotation every 5,000 to 7,500 miles and do just fine. Conveniently enough, this happens to align with the average driver’s oil change schedule, so many folks like to schedule both services at the same time. If your car is overdue for a tire rotation, schedule an appointment with our service center in Charlotte! You can’t beat the competitive prices available through our service specials, which frequently feature tire service coupons. Throughout your car ownership journey, Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet is here to keep your daily driver in prime condition!

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