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Need an Oil Change in Charlotte?

Every Gastonia driver wants their vehicle to deliver top-level performance on every journey, near or far. In order to achieve that, it's imperative that you keep up with routine oil changes. When it's time for an oil change in Charlotte, you can rely on the service department at Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet. With every oil change service, we also offer a four-tire rotation and a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection! It's just another way we go the extra mile for Concord drivers. 

Oil Change Specials

6-Quart ACDelco GM OE dexos1® Full Synthetic Oil Change and Tire Rotation on most vehicles*


expires: 07/25/2024
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8-Quart ACDelco GM OE dexos1® Full Synthetic Oil Change and Tire Rotation on most vehicles*


expires: 07/25/2024
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What is the Chevy Oil Change Price?

Before you visit us for a Chevy oil change, you'll probably wonder how much it's going to cost. The oil change price may vary depending on the age of your model and its performance specifications. However, the price of a Chevy oil change usually won't stray from the industry averages. Generally speaking, a conventional oil change costs between $25 and $50. Comparatively, the synthetic oil change price is a little higher because of its special properties. The average synthetic oil change price is $45 to $70. Factors like your vehicle's powertrain and the labor required to change its oil can also impact your oil change price. 

If you need a Chevy truck oil change or your sedan or SUV is due soon, you'll find competitive prices at Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet! We provide rotating service offers to help our customers save on routine maintenance, including Chevy oil change coupons that you can find above! Take a look to see what's available before visiting us for your next Chevy oil change.

Choosing the right oil for your Chevrolet oil change

Choosing the proper grade of oil for your oil change service is crucial to your vehicle's performance. From conventional to full synthetic, your Certified Service expert at Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet will offer a range of oil types, including ACDelco Gold Conventional Oil, ACDelco dexos1™ Full Synthetic, and Mobil 1™ Full Synthetic. If you're not sure what type of oil is right for your vehicle, driving habits, and budget, we'll help you choose the right one. Better yet, we offer oil change coupons to help you save no matter what type of oil you choose.

These oils contain a variety of characteristics that can enhance your vehicle's performance, offer varying levels of engine protection, and maximize the time between oil changes.

ACDelco Gold Conventional Oil

  • Offers quality engine wear and corrosion protection
  • Contains special additives that help your engine run smoothly

ACDelco dexos1 Full Synthetic Oil

  • High resistance to oxidation, which helps keep the oil from breaking down
  • Excellent low-temperature flow and pumpability during cold startups
  • Excellent protection to help prevent formation of sludge and other harmful deposits

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil

  • Advanced anti-wear technology for outstanding protection of critical engine parts
  • Exceptional high-temperature stability helps resist oxidative thickening
  • Proven to provide outstanding cold starting, lubrication, and protection from wear at low temperatures

Ask our experts which grade is best for your vehicle. You may also refer to your Owner's Manual for more information.

A closeup shot of a hand's man pouring oil in the car's engine

Oil Life Monitoring System

Many of today’s vehicles are equipped with an Oil Life Monitoring System (OLMS). This system interprets your vehicle’s speed and engine temperature and continuously monitors operating conditions, which helps determine when it’s time for oil change service.

The OLMS monitors a number of conditions, including engine revolutions, engine temperature, and miles driven to let you know precisely when to come in for an oil change. As soon as you notice your vehicle’s OLMS light illuminate, it’s time for service.

Checking your oil level

Even with an OLMS, it's important to keep track of your oil level. Always consult your Owner's Manual for the proper procedure to check your oil level. You'll get a more accurate dipstick reading by following those instructions.

Oil change warning signs

When the CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message displays, oil change service is required for your vehicle as soon as possible. The engine oil and filter must be changed at least once a year and the OLMS must be reset. When you visit us for an oil change in Charlotte, your Certified Service expert will make sure to do this.

If your vehicle is not equipped with an OLMS, consult your Service and Maintenance Schedule contained within your vehicle Owner's Manual for proper change intervals.

What The Certified Service Experts Look For During A Car Inspection

Remaining Engine Oil Life
A quick inspection will determine your vehicle’s remaining oil life percentage (applicable to vehicles with the GM Oil Life Monitoring System). This may be helpful, especially if you are approaching your next oil change.

Tire Wear
Your tires are part of what keep your vehicle moving safely down the road. The Certified Service experts check to make sure your tires are properly aligned, balanced, and in top shape. This will help ensure the optimum performance and safety of your tires.

Wiper Blades and Glass Condition
Your wiper blades are essential, especially when it’s raining. The operation and condition of front and rear wipers are checked to make sure they will work well when you need them. A visual inspection of your windshield is completed to check for cracks or chips and the inspection may help prevent further damage down the road if these issues are addressed.

Fluid Levels
Fluid levels are checked, including the brake reservoir and windshield washer fluid, to be sure they are at optimal levels. 

To help keep your brakes performing at their best, an inspection is performed on the condition of your brake system, including lines, hoses, and the parking brake, as well as measurements of the front and rear linings.

Battery Condition and Connections
No one wants to be stuck with a dead battery! A quick battery test will determine the health of your battery, and a visual inspection will check to be sure the battery cables and connections are in top working order. 

OnStar Subscription
A brief assessment will make sure you are connected with your OnStar system subscription

Additional Vehicle Inspections
An additional vehicle inspection of critical systems is performed to check for visible leaks that might indicate a concern. The condition of other vehicle components is also visually inspected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should the engine oil be replaced every 3,000 miles?
A: Depending on the age of your vehicle, driving habits, and road conditions, your engine may be designed to go longer than 3,000 miles between oil changes. Always be sure to check your engine oil level regularly, even with an OLMS.

Q: Does regularly changing my oil filter help with the life of my engine?
A: Yes. An oil filter helps ensure your engine is lubricated with clean oil, which is important for optimal engine performance. Both your vehicle’s oil and oil filter should be changed at least as often as recommended by your OLMS and/or Owner’s Manual.  

Schedule An Oil Change Online

When it's time for your next oil change service, you can book an appointment online with us. Be sure to check out our current service specials before your visit to see if there are oil change coupons available! With any questions or concerns before your Chevy truck oil change, contact us online or call us at (704) 321-4151 and our advisors will be happy to assist you. Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet is here to support you at every step of your car ownership journey!


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